Free! Battery Testing
(Hint! This is the UKs No 1 Cause of Expensive Breakdowns)

At Car Clinic, we assess the condition of batteries for free.

We’ll use the latest testing equipment to check the condition of your car battery and the systems that start and charge it.

The service only takes about 5 minutes, and there’s no need to make an appointment.

This simple, effective battery test checks for corrosion on the terminals, the battery’s voltage output, and the rate at which it charges. This gives a clear picture of the battery’s condition.

We’ll also find out if the battery is about to fail by comparing the test results to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Most importantly, the health check will let you know if any problems with the battery haven’t yet become a problem. Our technician will print out your results for you to keep.


Reasons to consider getting your battery checked.

Your battery pack is the only thing that gives your car power to start, and in the UK, a bad battery is the number one cause of breakdown calls. Industry sources say that one out of every ten car batteries will give out.

Keep your battery in good condition if you don’t want to be one of the numerous drivers that break down by the side of the road.

So, if you’re worried about your car battery’s health or condition, you should get the battery and charging system tested.


Feeling the drain...

All of the following technologies in your car put more stress on your battery and starting system. If your car doesn’t start, try switching off all the following and any other entertainment you have going in the car.


Order a new battery for your vehicle

If your car’s or light truck’s battery dies, Car Clinic has batteries that will fit most cars and light trucks.

Van batteries

Car Clinic has a full van battery replacement service for when you need a new battery for your van.

Our service includes finding and installing your new battery and getting rid of your old one safely.

You can stop by Car Clinic for free advice from an expert.

An important part of owning a van is checking your battery often and replacing it when necessary. Flat or broken batteries are one of the most common reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, especially on cold winter mornings.

Not only are they inconvenient, but they could also cost you money if you use your van for work.

How long do van batteries last?

As with battery packs for all automobiles, the life of a van battery can be affected by many things.

Consider your driving habits and the local climate. you can expect your battery to last between three and five years.

To keep your van’s battery in good shape, driving it on trips that last more than 20 minutes is important. This length of the trip gives the battery enough time to charge completely, so it doesn’t lose power slowly over a series of shorter trips.


In the same way, the weather can also affect how well a battery works and how long it lasts. Your van’s battery may not last as long if it is often exposed to temperatures below zero or high heat.

With this in mind, keeping your van in a garage or under a building is a good idea. If you don’t know how your van’s battery is doing, you could stop by Car Clinic for a free battery trial.

How long can a van battery sit unused?

The amount of time a battery can go between charges depends on a variety of factors. A van battery shouldn’t have problems if it isn’t used for one to two months.

If it’s left for longer, the battery might be dead and need to be charged. This time can be shortened by factors such as the battery’s age and condition.

If you think it’s time to get a new battery for your van or if you’re worried about how well it works or how well it charges, you can schedule a free battery test at Car Clinic.


We will look at your battery and check it thoroughly for free before giving you our expert advice.

So, why don’t you just do it? Book an appointment at Car Clinic today, whether you know you need a full van battery replacement or just want some professional advice.

Battery care and maintenance

You can find out where your car’s battery is and how to check it by consulting the owner’s manual.

Most of the time, your car’s battery is under the bonnet, and some car makers put the battery under the back passenger seat or trunk. Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Mitsubishi cars can have two batteries.

When you handle a car battery, you need to be very careful because they are bulky and include sulphuric acid, which is very corrosive and shouldn’t touch your skin or eyes.


How your battery works...

When you start your car’s engine, the battery sends power to the ignition system, which starts the engine.

At the same time, the battery sends power to the spark plugs so that the compressed fuel and air mixture in the engine operating cylinders can be lit.

The alternator then replaces the power from the battery used to start the car. It supplies most of the electricity to your car’s electrical systems and keeps the battery charged.

Most of the time, the amount of work the battery has to do and conditions affect its strength or cranking amps.

Also, electronic gadgets are making your car’s battery work harder, which can cause the battery to die early. So, you should check your car battery more often to stay at its best performance level.

Regular battery inspections can find and stop early battery problems, which can cause a car to break down.

Battery checks you can carry out yourself

Most car batteries today don’t need to be maintained and have a way of telling how well they’re working.

There aren’t many physical checks you can do yourself, other than making sure the terminal connections are tight and clean.

You might want to put petroleum jelly on the terminal connectors to stop corrosive material from building up.

Be especially careful when you tighten the terminal connections. Overtightening can destroy the battery case or lead posts, which can cause the battery to die early.

Linking the positive and negative terminals could get an electric shock, harm the battery cells irreversibly, or even cause an explosion.


Free battery check from Car Clinic

If you are worried about how old your battery is or how well it can be charged, you should stop by Car Clinic, where our fully trained technicians will check your battery thoroughly using the newest testing procedures.

It’s free, and we’ll tell you about any parts that need to be replaced either soon or immediately.

Order a new battery for your vehicle

At Car Clinic, we have a large selection of batteries for all major makes and models of cars and trucks. Or you can order a new battery today and have it installed at your nearby Car Clinic center.