Car Engine
Diagnostic Tests

Here at Car Clinic we can create and interpret full car diagnostics fault code reports.

If your car’s dashboard has a warning light or fault code, Car Clinic’s onboard diagnostics equipment can help determine what might be wrong and fix it.

What is a diagnostics fault code check?

When a warning light, error message, or code shows up on your dashboard, a car diagnostics check or fault code check can help you figure out what’s wrong before it gets worse.

Most modern cars have Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that constantly monitor the car’s performance and determine what’s wrong with it. Sensors all over the car tell the ECU if something is wrong, like if the fluid level is low or the engine temperature is too high.

When the ECU finds a problem, it produces an error code. Then, the warning lights on the dashboard will show up. Without the right diagnostic code reader, these codes might not mean anything, so we use a scanner to read the codes and learn more about what’s wrong.


There are hundreds of possible error codes that onboard diagnostic fault code readers can only read. Even if a warning light comes on the dashboard to let you know there’s a problem, you need to do a diagnostics fault code check to start to figure out what’s wrong and see if you need a more in-depth diagnostic session with one of our specialist technicians.


"Check Engine Light"

It’s critical to have a mechanic look at your vehicle as soon as possible whenever your check engine light comes on, particularly when it flashes, which typically denotes a significant issue or emergency.

Since the engine is the most complicated part of a car, many things could go wrong. It could be something small and easy to fix, like a loose fuel cap, or something much more serious, like a broken catalytic converter.

At Car Clinic, we use our diagnostic equipment to read your check engine light fault codes and give you a full explanation of the problem.

Our fully trained mechanics can then tell you what repairs may be needed to get you back on the road and fix the problem, so you don’t have to pay the prices of a car dealership to find out why your check engine light is on. This will reset the check engine light if the problem can be fixed.


What does the car diagnostic equipment check for?

Our diagnostic testing scanners look for problems in many car parts, such as engine management, tires, emissions, lights, and comfort controls. When fixing a problem, live data shows some values from different parts of the engine to ensure everything is working as it should.

Our diagnostic equipment can also be used to turn off the service light, test and adjust the brakes on cars with an electronic handbrake, and change the level of the headlights. Contact the Car Clinic for more information.

'Diagnostic Fault Code Scan' for your specific make and model of vehicle

By plugging our fault code scanner into your ECU, we can read the fault codes displayed by major vehicle makes and models, such as Vauxhall, Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. Our diagnostic technicians are ready to explain the fault codes and tell you what you need to fix the problem before it worsens.