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Common Gearbox Problems

The Benefits of Our Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Diagnostics

Maintaining your vehicle’s performance requires ensuring your gearbox is in optimal condition, as it plays a crucial role in its mechanical operation. Our team of highly trained technicians utilizes the latest specialist computer diagnostic equipment to confidently diagnose any gearbox issues. You can either fill out our Gearbox Repair enquiry form and await a call or directly contact us to speak with one of our specialist advisors.

Gearbox Repairs & Replacements for All Major Manufacturers

If your car is experiencing issues such as slipping gears, fluid leaks, or delayed reactions, it could indicate a problem with your transmission. Ignoring these warnings may lead to costly repairs down the line, although many gearbox repairs can be small and affordable. 

At The Car Clinic, we specialize in high-quality gearbox repairs, refurbishments, and replacements for all major manufacturers. Our expert technicians handle manual, automatic, Powershift, and DSG gearbox repairs, using only OEM or manufacturer-approved parts to maintain your vehicle’s top condition. For exceptional mechanical services and expert gearbox repairs and replacements, trust our skilled technicians.

Audi Gearboxes

We can provide fast and inexpensive Audi gearbox repairs, rebuilds and transmission fault diagnosis, including S-Tronic, Multitronic, DSG transmissions and DSG Mechatronic Unit repair.

Ford Gearboxes

We can diagnose Ford Powershift and Dual-Clutch transmission faults. We also offer Ford gearbox repairs, reconditioning and refurbishment, which can help save you money.

Land Rover Gearboxes

Land Rover gearbox repairs are an important part of your car maintenance needs. At The Car Clinic, we offer our customers a high-quality Land Rover gearbox replacement service.

Nissan Gearboxes

Save money on Nissan gearbox repairs including CTV transmission faults. Our technicians can diagnose any issues with your Nissan gearbox and advise you on the best course of repair. We only use approved parts.

Mercedes Gearboxes

Mercedes gearbox repair, gearbox reconditioning and refurbishment are available, including 5G, 7G & 9G TRONIC transmission faults. We can advise you on the best course of repair for your vehicle.

Skoda Gearboxes

Skoda gearbox repairs including DSG gearbox problems. We also offer Skoda gearbox reconditioning and refurbishment, which can help save you money on gearbox replacement costs.

BMW Gearboxes

BMW gearbox repairs and diagnostics, including BMW automatic gearbox repairs, ZF transmissions and BMW gearbox replacement. Book a repair with a BMW gearbox specialist.



VW Gearboxes

At The Car Clinic, we provide top-notch Volkswagen gearbox repair services for both manual and automatic transmissions, encompassing the identification and resolution of DSG issues.

Vauxhall Gearboxes

Local and affordable Vauxhall gearbox repairs including F17, F18, F23, M20 & M32 faults. Our technicians can confidently diagnose any issues with your Vauxhall gearbox.

How Our Car Repairs Work

Should you proceed with major repairs, the costs for both diagnostic checks and vehicle recovery will be reduced to £0! We never charge more than repair costs when our customers proceed with major works with us.

Complete our repair enquiry form and await a call, or contact us directly to speak with one of our specialist advisors at 01534 660066. Before inspecting the vehicle, we’ll attempt to estimate the faults and costs based on the information provided.

We’ll then arrange for your vehicle to be recovered into one of our specialist repair centers for a full diagnosis and exact cost assessment.

Diagnostic reports are typically available on the next working day to ensure you’re not left biting your nails in anxiety. We collaborate with all major warranty companies and handle claims on your behalf to alleviate additional stress during challenging times. If there are likely to be any delays to the estimated repair times, we’ll keep you informed.

Once repairs are complete and final payments are made or finance agreements are in place, we aim to return your vehicle by the end of the following working day. You’ll receive an invoice detailing the completed work, inclusive of our 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty.


Free Vehicle Recovery & Diagnostics

Subject to our terms & conditions.

If additional or recommended work is needed, we’ll contact you for authorization before proceeding. Your existing manufacturer’s warranty remains intact, and all parts and labor are covered by a 12-month warranty. 

Our team will schedule your service or repair at one of our nearby centers, arranging convenient vehicle collection from your chosen location. To inquire or book a repair with a specialist technician at The Car Clinic, please click the button below or call us at 01534 660066.

Gearbox Repair FAQs

What types of gearbox repairs can you carry out?

We provide several options to rectify a faulty gearbox including reconditioning your existing gearbox, replacing with a new gearbox or replacing with a reconditioned gearbox. Our specialist gearbox technicians only fit Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts only and all gearbox repairs come with a 12-month guarantee.

What equipment do you use to repair gearboxes?

Using the latest computer diagnostic equipment, we at The Car Clinic are adept at confidently diagnosing any gearbox issues. We prioritize repairing and replacing only what’s necessary, employing industry-approved tools and parts for the job.

What causes a gearbox to break?

Even when we think we’re taking care of our cars, our gearboxes can still break down, lack of care, poor quality oil and poor driving habits are some of the most common reasons for a gearbox to break.

Why does my gearbox make a grinding noise?

The gearbox shafts need to be moving at the same speed in order to change gears smoothly and when this doesn’t happen, you’ll hear grinding. Modern cars tend to have a synchroniser ring to help keep both parts up to speed, but this can also go wrong from time to time, so it’s best to have things checked out.

Why does my vehicle need the gearbox removed?

Some parts of your gearbox can be repaired without removing them from your vehicle, but not all transmission parts are quite so easily accessible. If a gearbox component needs to be repaired or replaced and it cannot be accessed from underneath the vehicle, then the transmission will need to be removed from the vehicle.

Why is my gearbox leaking oil?

Oil leaks can happen for a number of reasons, from wear and tear or broken seals to overfilled oil levels. Over time, your vehicle is at risk of general wear and tear and unfortunately, that includes your gearbox and it’s related connections. Leaks should be fixed quickly, so it’s best to speak to a professional and get your car checked over at an approved garage.

Will I need a new gearbox if it's slipping out of gear?

It is rare that you will require a new gearbox if it is slipping out of gear. A fault like this can be caused by any number of reasons, such as low fluid levels.  Regular maintenance and inspections of your gearbox and all of the related components will save you time and money.

Should I be worried if my gearbox is making noises?

Unusual noises are one of the most obvious signs that something might be not quite right. Whether it’s whining, whirring, clunking or grinding, if you’re hearing anything out of the ordinary, it can be a sign to contact a gearbox repair specialist.

Will I need a new gearbox if it's leaking fluid?

We would need to see your vehicle in order to correctly diagnose the issue. A leaking gearbox could be caused by a number of issues which usually only require a minor repair, so you should always visit a gearbox specialist to get it repaired quickly. Ignoring a leaking gearbox might lead to further damage.

Why does my vehicle need a gearbox rebuild?

Some damage to the gearbox may go beyond the repair of a single component. Over time, wear and tear can cause gears and other parts to not function properly. When this happens, a gearbox rebuild is needed to replace the faulty and damaged parts. With years of experience, our technicians can rebuild your existing gearbox using the latest technology. 

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Recent Customer Reviews

Ruth Berry

A week ago


I have used the Car Clinic 3 times now – once to get my battery replaced, once for a service and radiator maintenance and again for a timing belt replacement, and each time I’ve experienced really friendly customer service. The owner and mechanics take time to chat and explain things, which I really appreciated. Now my car is good as new!


A day ago


I had an issue with my suspension and went to almost every garage in Jersey even the main dealer and the only one who could fix it was the car clinic. These guys are brilliant and really know there stuff. They also very good value

Eden Houiellebecq

4 months ago


Great service finally I can actually feel the difference after taking it in.
Were very polite and patient while I’ve had trouble paying for a week after picking up my car. Reasonable prices

Harriet Farber

2 weeks ago


Realistic quote was provided and stuck to. The work was completed quickly and when I had trouble getting my car home they provided me with a lift to where I need to go. Brilliant service – would recommend.

Patrycja Kudzia

3 months ago


Such a fantastic business! Professional, caring and so down to earth people that will give you honest advice. They carried out extensive work on my vehicle and I can’t praise them enough for their professionalism. Highly recommend to anyone!

Mike Edward

A month ago


Excellent service….again. This is the second time I have used the Car Clinic and each time has been spot on. I took my VW e-golf in for a service and took the opportunity to get the wheels refurbished. When I went to pick it up Shaun (owner) and I agreed one or two of the wheels were not quite perfect. Without question, Shaun offered to get them all redone…….just picked it up and they are like new. Excellent customer service, thank you

James Beaumont

3 months ago


A great experience all round. I phoned on the Monday, was booked in for Tuesday and had a full service, battery replacement, brake discs and pads replaced. The car was back with me for Thursday mid-day. The staff at The Car Clinic explained everything in detail and were excellent from start to finish.

Jason Layton

A week ago


Superb service for the car clinic guys, very honest and helpful mechanics. I have used them several times and its refreshing to actually encounter mechanics that upfront with you and don’t try to sell you something you don’t need. I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking a top notch garage to service and fix their motor.

Andy H

4 months ago


Can’t speak highly enough of The Car Clinic. Shaun was incredibly helpful and very friendly and made sure I got the help I needed. Five stars all the way. Thoroughly recommend these guys for a fast professional service at a cost that will leave you smiling as amazing value.