Terms & Conditions

  1. Once a booking/order has been made, the customer has entered into an agreement with Car Clinic Ltd and he/she confirms they are over 18 years old and resides in the Jersey. This constitutes a contract.
  2. All prices stated on our website are not inclusive of GST.  
  3. Any additional work, outside of a service or diagnostics, carried out by Car Clinic Ltd will be subject to GST.
  4. All work carried out by Car Clinic Ltd is provided with a 12-month warranty (or 12,000 miles – whichever is met first) on all parts and labour.  If parts are supplied direct from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer’s warranty for the parts becomes invalid based on the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, Car Clinic Limited is not held liable for the warranty on these parts. All warranties are to the individual, rather than the vehicle. If the customer supplies the parts, Car Clinic Limited will not warrant the parts nor the work carried out. 
  5. In the event of any issues with the vehicle or work that was carried out by Car Clinic Ltd, within the warranty period, Car Clinic Ltd must be informed within 48 hours to arrange an inspection of the vehicle. If Car Clinic Limited is not contacted within 48 hours or if the vehicle is inspected and work has started by a third party, this will invalidate any warranty or any further claims on that warranty.
  6. All work that Car Clinic Ltd has undertaken must be paid for by debit/credit card or bank transfer. Only once payment has been processed will the vehicle be authorised to be returned to the customer. Please note we do not accept American Express.
    We will require cleared funds by BACS/bank transfer before release of vehicle. If payment is not received within an acceptable timeframe, we (Car Clinic Limited) reserve the right to apply a storage charge of £50 plus GST per day until the balance is cleared.
  7. The recovery of your vehicle will be £75 if any work diagnosed, is undertaken on major repairs valued at £1,500 or more including GST. The recovery/delivery back will be a flat rate of £147 plus GST. However, should you (the customer) decide not to proceed with the advised work, or if costs do not exceed £1500, you (the customer) will be liable for the costs of recovery/collection in and recovery/delivery back of the vehicle as well as the labour charge for the diagnostic process.
  8. If a customer wishes to cancel their booking, they are required to give 48 hours notice. If any work has been carried out or parts have been ordered at the point of a cancellation, then payment must be made by the customer for this work and the parts paid for before the cancellation can proceed.
  9. Wherever possible all parts that are used within work carried out by Car Clinic Ltd will be of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification, ensuring manufacturer warranties will be protected. If genuine manufacturer parts are requested, these must be clearly stated by email ([email protected]), and additional costs may apply.
  10. All vehicles collected and delivered within any parking restriction zones or vehicle penalties of any nature is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner. Car Clinic Ltd will not be held liable for any of these charges.
  11. Some vehicles may require spark plugs or special oils. The customer will be informed if these are required and they may be subject to additional charges.
  12. Our service centres will reset service indicator lights.  Some service indicator lights may not be capable of reset due to them being in excess of the time of when the service is due, and/or will require the manufacturer only to reset them.  Car Clinic Ltd or our service centres will not be held liable if this is necessary.
  13. An inspection of the timing belts are not undertaken within any service as they are covered units, therefore Car Clinic Ltd will not be held liable for any damage, failure or any implications thereafter to a timing belt as a result of a service carried out.
  14. Car Clinic Ltd is not liable for any financial damages or losses after or before works have been carried out on the vehicle including whilst in the care of a third party recovery company (including those arranged by Car Clinic Ltd), and/or, suffered by the customer whilst the vehicle is in possession of one of our approved service centres or after the vehicle has been returned. Any legal proceedings in relation to this will not be the responsibility of Car Clinic Ltd and must be pursued against the responsible service centre or recovery company
  15. In the event of non-payment by a customer, Car Clinic Ltd will add any subsequent legal or debt recovery costs and interest and out of pocket expenses to the outstanding amount.
  16. Car Clinic Ltd reserve the right to refuse any booking and to terminate any works in progress should Car Clinic Ltd deem necessary.
  17. Where possible Car Clinic Ltd offers a collection and delivery on vehicles booked in (subject to availability), that are drivable & legally roadworthy (see point 18). It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of these circumstances. Certain charges may still apply. Car Clinic Ltd and our service centres cannot be held responsible when collecting or delivering vehicles for repairs or servicing if any mechanical failure/damage occurs.
  18. In instances where there has been damage or a delay in services provided by the company, Car Clinic Ltd will not be liable if these are as a result of a strike or industrial dispute, an ‘act of God’, supplier delay, government disputes or circumstances out of the control of Car Clinic Ltd.
  19. In the event that a vehicle is not driveable, breakdown recovery will need to be arranged and subject to additional costs which the customer is liable for.  If a vehicle requires breakdown recovery, within the warranty period after work has been carried out by one of our approved service centres, and is assumed to be directly connected to the work undertaken by our approved service centre, then the breakdown recovery costs incurred and arrangement are the responsibility of the customer. In these situations when a vehicle is recovered in, we do not deliver vehicles back, unless discussed prior to the booking.
  20. Car Clinic Ltd and its approved service and repair centres, will not be held responsible or be liable, for the supply of (or associated costs of) alternative transport, be it public transport or private hire (taxis or hire vehicles). It is the customers’ responsibility for this to be arranged at their own cost. Car Clinic Limited are also not responsible for any loss of earnings suffered by customers during the time customers’ vehicles are on our premises.
  21. Car Clinic Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any valuables that have been left by the customer in their vehicle.
  22. In the event of unforeseen losses, Car Clinic Ltd will neither be responsible nor liable.
  23. In the event of a dispute, Car Clinic Ltd will strive to resolve the matter in less than 28 days in a professional and amicable manner. In the event of the dispute extending beyond 28 days, Car Clinic Ltd will notify the customer. In the event of any dispute the customer must notify Car Clinic Ltd within 48 hours to put right any related repairs carried out by Car Clinic Limited, otherwise this will invalidate the warranty.
  24. In the event of a customer not paying their bill or contacting Car Clinic Ltd in regards to said bill, we will pursue with a money claim sanction, through the Jersey Court system, in order to recover the outstanding amount or sell the vehicle to recover costs.
  25. All vehicle sales require a non refundable deposit. The balance must be paid within 28 days. If the balance is not paid within 28 days, we have the right to sell the vehicle, recover any losses and any deposits will be lost.