Vehicle Health Check

With our car safety check, you can avoid any trouble before it happens and keep your vehicle running at its best.

Your car works best when it’s well taken care of, but it can be hard to manage your busy life and take care of your car simultaneously. The most common reasons cars break down are flat tyres and dead batteries, but you can easily avoid these problems by regularly checking these – and other parts of your car. If you don’t have time to check over your car or don’t know what to look for, we’re here to help.

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Your vehicle will receive a free safety inspection from our qualified specialists, preparing you for your onward travel – wherever that may be.

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What's included in your vehicle health check?

So you can
keep on the road with no hitches, we’ll check your car for the following:

Once your check is complete, one of our experts will talk to you about the report and offer help and advice if any parts don’t meet basic safety standards.

Why do we check these areas?


Tyres are crucial for stopping your car fast when you need to brake and for keeping you safe on the road. You’ll find it more difficult to stop if your tyres are worn; and if they’re damaged, a blowout could occur. As part of our free safety check, we’ll look at your tyres’ overall condition, tread depth, and pressure.



Any time of year, a battery can fail if its charging power runs out and it no longer has enough power to turn on the starter motor. The battery has to work harder because the car has more electrical parts, like phone chargers, lights, and heaters, which use more power. Also, batteries lose their ability to charge over time, so it’s best to get this checked out before you wake up and find your car won’t start.


Coolant/ Anti-freeze

The coolant level should be checked regularly to your engine from getting seriously damaged. Coolant and antifreeze are the same things, and they keep liquids from freezing – and cracking the radiator – in the winter and keep the radiator from getting too hot in the summer.


Wiper blades, windscreen system, and screen wash levels

Even on a good day, the weather in the UK can change, so you should check your windscreen wipers – even in the summer. Your wiper blades will be checked for cracks and other damage as part of our free health check. We’ll also check your windscreen washer system and fill it up if needed.


Light bulbs

Making sure your car lights work is important for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road as they allow you to see and help others to see you in return. It’s against the law to have a broken or faulty bulb, so we’ll check to ensure all these work.