Air Conditioning
Recharge and Service

Why not schedule a free air conditioning check at Car Clinic if you’re worried that your air conditioner isn’t blowing as cold as it should be, or it’s been a few years since your last air conditioner recharge?

We’ll test the vent temperature in your car in order to determine whether your air conditioning system is operating properly.

There is no obligation to get the service work done at Car Clinic – should our technician determines the vehicle could benefit from an air conditioning recharge.

What is checked during a free air conditioning test?

Our skilled specialist will accurately read the outside air temperature before determining whether your air conditioning system is functioning properly.

The air conditioning system will next be visually inspected, and the condition and tension of the drive belt will be checked (not applicable on hybrid and electric vehicles).

When the air conditioning is turned on and set to the coldest setting, the technician will use a probe to measure the lowest vent temperature within the car.

Last but not least, the car’s interior is examined for odors brought on by the air conditioner, which may indicate that a new pollen filter is needed or that an air conditioner debug is advised.

If a recharge could lower the cabin temperature, our expert will inform you of the findings of the temperature test.


Did you know?

A vehicle’s maintenance schedule often excludes air conditioning, which means the air conditioning system is not checked to ensure its functioning properly during your annual or interim service.

We’ll make sure your air conditioner is operating to its best potential when you schedule a free air conditioning check at Car Clinic.

How much is an air con recharge?

Your air conditioner is R134A and R1234YF, the refrigerants used in most cars in Jersey. If your air conditioner needs R134A gas, a recharge will cost from £59.00.


How do I know which air con gas I require?

In cars made before 2014, R134A gas is frequently used. Since January 1, 2017, all air-conditioned vehicles produced include the new, environmentally friendly R1234YF air con gas. Since then, manufacturers are not permitted to use the older R134A air conditioning gas because it’s believed to be more environmentally hazardous. Vehicle manufacturers phased in R1234YF gas over time; thus, vehicles leaving the assembly line between 2014 and 2016 may use this gas. 

Does my air con need recharging?

According to manufacturers, you should recharge your air conditioner every two years. It’s crucial to remember to include recharging in your regular schedule of vehicle maintenance because your car or van’s air conditioner is not normally checked as part of a service.

If the air from your air conditioner is warm or only works occasionally, an AC recharge can bring back chilly air on hot days when you need it most.

It can also increase fuel efficiency because there is less pressure on the engine and system. Unpleasant odours emanating from the air vents indicate that your air conditioner requires air-con maintenance.

Did you know?

Everyone knows that air conditioning can keep you comfortable inside your car during the sweltering temperatures.

BUT – air conditioning can also clear frost off your windscreen.

Instead of the usual outdoors humid air, air conditioning systems produce dry, warm air, which can clear your windscreen considerably quicker than standard blowers.


What happens during a recharge at Car Clinic?

The recharge procedure is very straightforward and involves draining any old refrigerant oil and gas from your air conditioning system before replacing it with the recommended amount of new refrigerant and lubricant.

A vacuum test is also done to ensure your air conditioning system doesn’t have any cracks or other problems that could let gas leak out.

The entire recharging procedure is finished in an hour, and you’ll then taste the cool, refreshing air.

Thanks to our skilled technicians, you can see the difference between your AC before and after recharging. Regularly recharged vehicle air conditioners will operate more efficiently and create cool air with less effort.

Your air conditioner’s efficiency will decline if it hasn’t been recharged in the last two years.

Recharge or else - no charge ££!

While you wait, let Car Clinic replenish your air conditioning. Following your manufacturer’s advice, we will replenish and replace the lubricant and refrigerant levels.

You won’t be charged anything if we cannot raise the temperature of your car’s coldest vent by more than 10%, expressed in degrees Celsius.

*Please be aware that the air conditioning recharge test results may be impacted if the surrounding temperature is lower than 9 degrees Celsius. If the results are less than 10% in these circumstances, the manager will decide whether to grant a refund.

Air conditioning cleaning

Your car may also benefit from an air con clean, commonly known as a debug – if foul aromas emanate from the vents when the AC is turned on.