Suspension and
Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber in your car is composed of intricate components that work together to reduce vibrations and road bumps. This makes driving smooth, controlled, and comfortable.

The main parts of a car’s suspension are the coil spring, and the shock absorber – also called a damper.

These shocks and springs work together to soften the car’s ride by absorbing the impact of potholes and other small road flaws.


This ensures your car stays stable and your tyres stay in contact with the road for as long as possible, which is important for your brakes to work.

The distance needed to stop a vehicle traveling at 30 mph might increase by up to two meters due to worn shock absorbers – this is because the tyres have less contact with the road.

If you want your car to be comfy, stable, and as easy to drive as possible, you must keep its suspension system in good shape.

Car suspension problems...

It’s not always clear when there’s a problem with your car’s suspension system. Most of the time, the shocks and springs lose performance slowly over time.

Because this happens slowly, a driver may not always notice the gradual loss of suspension performance. Stop by Car Clinic for a free safety check of your car’s suspension.

Our trained suspension repair experts will look over your car and quickly find any problems with how it rides. The technician will give you a full report and show you any problems we find. They will also give you a clear quote for any required repairs.